Advance Fuel Systems, Corp.
60B W. Terra Cota Av., Unit 292
Crystal Lake, IL. 60014
As North America and the rest of the world wrestle with solutions to
environmental and energy self-sufficiency issues, a number of alternate
technologies have and will continue to emerge.

Advance Fuel Systems Corp. (AFSC) design, manufactures,package,
distributes, installs and services their Vehicle Refueling Stations (VRS) and
accessories for fueling vehicles powered by CNG. The
AFSC System is a
state-of-the-art patented natural gas compressor that can be installed almost

AFSC VRS are targeted at small to medium sized fleets of commercial vehicles,
in-plant vehicles, such as forklifts and ice cleaners, other specialty vehicles and
smaller vehicle populations.

AFSC  System's design has the flexibility to fuel vehicles quickly (Fast-Fill) or
over a period of time (Time-Fill), as required. The result is an efficient fueling
system that meets the widespread customer demands of convenience,
practicality and low cost.
AFSC technology, industry reputation and proven product performance have
enabled us to capitalize on the emerging Alternative Fuel markets for
conventional internal combustion vehicles.  We will continue to provide the
solution to the refueling infrastructure dilemma facing the alternative energy
industry now and particularly in the future

The VRSs with
AFSC colors are an opportunity to render service and enlarge the
CNG market in the different areas of the country.

AFSC VRS are safe, efficient and dynamic. For businessmen, they are a real
trading station because our commitment does not stop with the delivery of the
equipment, but puts into action all the experience on personnel hiring and
training. Instructs them in the design and execution of signs, coordinates the
station image and carries out periodical audits to evaluate the state of each
station and the operators' service
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