NG-SV-FM is an ideal system for drying small volumes of natural gas for stations
with intermittent use. Each unit is conservatively sized to remove moisture from
gas upstream of the natural gas compressor.

The dryer is shipped with an initial charge of molecular sieve desiccant. Prior to
installing shipping plugs, the bed is blanketed with bone dry nitrogen gas. The
nitrogen blanket keeps the bed fresh and allows long term storage of the dryer
prior to installation.

When the initial charge of desiccant has reached maximum drying capacity, it can
be replaced with a fresh charge of desiccant.


  • Vessel design: 150 psig and 14.9 psig MWP
  • Non-Code, Carbon steel construction.
  • UM stamp vessel available as an option.
  • Heavy duty structural support
  • Both models have identical foot print
  • Stainless steel desiccant screens/fill/drain ports
  • Lift lug to facilitate handling
  • Initial charge of desiccant
  • Factory nitrogen blanket avoiding moisture contamination
NG-SV-FM Single Vessel Natural Gas Dryer
Advance Fuel Systems, Corp.
60B W. Terra Cota Av., Unit 292
Crystal Lake, IL. 60014